How to Make Your Business Stand Out In Your Industry

business stand outIn business, you need to be unique. You must stand out from the crowd, be noticeable and memorable to prospects and clients so that they chose you amongst the others.

If you don’t, your prospects will go to someone who is.

The rule in business is quite simple, if they don’t see you they won’t come to you. Unfortunately, as easy as it sounds in theory, in practice standing out in business is one of the most difficult things to achieve.

And, part of the problem is you. For you, your business is already different. You see all the little things that make you better from your competition, like a slightly more advanced technology you use. In your eyes, these are enough to make a great first impression in business.

Here is the catch though, to your prospects all those things don’t matter a bit. Even worse, they don’t notice them at all. In business, in order to be unique, or perceived as one, you need to stand out with big things. Price, USP, unique approach to business are amongst the things that your potential clients will notice.

Here are some ideas to consider if you are looking for ways to make your business different from your competition.

Look at your competition

You may often find a gap that no one else is filling. See if there is a service or a product your competitors don’t offer but your potential clients might be interested in. Or if you can approach some aspects of your services in a slightly different way.

Ask your best clients

They may drop a hint of a service they lack and no one is providing them with. I am a huge advocate of asking clients for help. No one knows the needs of your market better than the very people who avail of your services. Invite 5 of your best clients to lunch and talk to them about it. They may share a lot of their insights on your industry with you and give you some ideas of where your unique position might be.

Analyze your industry

Try to find areas where companies start making money but no one fully specializes in yet. In other words, look ahead. What services or products in your area might be profitable in short period of time? Try to find them and start offering them straight away, market them heavily. Be known for offering those services as soon as possible, once they become really sought after you will already be known as a provider.

Develop a Unique Selling Proposition

An USP defines what makes your business unique from your competition. Develop a unique benefit of using your company, something that no one else is offering. The braver you are with it the better.

Break the rules

This is not the advice you hear very often however I believe that sometimes you simply have to stop playing by the rules to stand out. Sometimes it is good to be talked about, publicity always helps. And as long as it is not a negative feedback from clients, it will work perfect for you. So, break the rules in marketing, use strategies your competition considers as ones you should never be using. Create a buzz around yourself. It always helps. And if you combine it with the other advice above – you have a winning formula.

It’s not easy to be unique, it’s a fact. And I see many business owners giving up very quickly and blending with the crowd. What they lose however is a distinction in the marketplace, that small, hard to identify thing that makes prospects thinking of you whenever they have a problem to solve or a need to buy.


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