Power Words Your Prospects Must Hear You Say If You Want to Sell

words that sellDo you sometimes wish that your sales pitch would have more impact, making your offer practically irresistible?

I am sure you know how it feels like. You are talking to a prospect, trying your best to present your product in the best light but your sale is going nowhere. You know very well that your offer rocks. You hold a solution to your prospects problems. Yet, you don’t seem to be able to evoke any excitement about it from them at all.

Sure, they understand what you tell them, perhaps even see the value of your offering but they still don’t buy.

The reason? There is nothing that would push them to do so in what you are saying. You don’t say any power words.

But hey, if that’s ever happened to you, cheer up! It’s Okay. You are not alone. And, you can change that really quickly.

Failing to entice action with words is one of the common reasons for many lost sales. Quite often the customer is ready to buy, hell, they even have the money ready in their hand. But here is the trick, unless you tell them the words that will ignite a burning desire to buy, they won’t do it.

Choose Power Words to Get Your Prospects to Buy

Words have power over us, it’s a fact.

They hold the potential to release strong emotions in every one of us. They make us to fall in love, go to war, want something with all our power and might (and it’s usually something we don’t really need). They push us to make the stupidest mistakes or rush to far corners of the world and completely change our lifestyle only because someones words have enticed us to do so.

It is no different in sales. You can use words to move your prospects to take action.

What you say can build an image of your company in their eyes. Convince them that you are the only one they should buy from. Get them to pay attention to you, respond, get involved with your company.

Not to mention, to hand you over the money.

And, the key in accomplishing all this is in knowing exactly which words to use.

Power Words Guaranteed to Make Your Prospects Desire to Buy from You

Below is a short cheat sheet I prepared for you, a list of 25 power words that sell. Use them in your sales pitch, ad copy, your website and any business writing to make sure that it ignites the prospects to buy.

  1. Absolutely
  2. Accomplish
  3. Achieve
  4. Benefit
  5. Best
  6. Clear-cut
  7. Compelling
  8. Convenient
  9. Critical
  10. Easily
  11. You
  12. Guaranteed
  13. Improve
  14. Instantly
  15. Now
  16. Powerful
  17. Proven
  18. Quick
  19. Simple
  20. Strong
  21. Unique
  22. More effective
  23. Yes
  24. Exciting
  25. Essential

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